The Reliable Solution

The Reliable Solution has taken care of the heavy lifting by connecting all the dots in the industry, just for you. Now at your disposal is a vast network of professionals offering guidance and assistance that is catered to your unique enterprise. Whether you are looking for the best suppliers, the right investors, or simply to expand your clientele base, we've got you covered. Our services also include unparalleled, industry leading consultation and logistics. Contact us now and see for yourself why we are The Reliable Solution.

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We have a large network of suppliers for everything in the world of Cannabis.

  • Laboratory equipment and partnerships

  • CBD: full spectrum, isolate, flower, shatter, tincture, distillate, crumble, live resin, patches, edibles,isoterps etc.

  • CBG: isolate

  • Hemp: protein, seeds, oil, ethanol/methanol, stalk, hurd, biomass, hempcrete, plastic filament, processed materials, fiber, bioplastic packaging

  • Mobile and custom harvesting equipment

  • Terpene solutions: cannabis derived or food grade

  • Plant nutrition

  • Greenhouse equipment

  • Electronics: custom vaporizers, batteries, lights, etc.

  • Genetics